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The Employment Equity Act was a piece of legislation passed by the Canadian Government in 1998. It is an important piece of legislation because it is Canada’s first federal employment equity act, meaning that the Employment Equity Act provides employers with guidelines for how they are to achieve equitable representation of four designated groups with regards to their workforce. These groups include women, persons with disabilities, aboriginal Canadians, and visible minorities. If an employer does not follow these guidelines or discriminates against any members of these groups during the course of hiring then this may be discrimination under the Human Rights Code.

The Employment Equality Act was passed in Ontario in 1986 as means to protect workers from discrimination of the basis of their sex. This act was later succeeded by the Employment Standards Act (2000), which combined both Employment Equality and Employment Equity into one legislative framework, but it still retained protections for sex-based harassment.

This case is important because it demonstrates how Employment Law can be used to challenge discriminatory hiring practices, even when there isn’t a specific Employment Law dealing with such discriminatory practices specifically. There wasn’t an Employment Equity Act in place at this time and so therefore this case dealt with Employment Law issues that could be applied to hiring practices.

Canadian Union of Public Employees v Ontario (Minister of Labour) demonstrated that an employer must provide working conditions which are free from sexual harassment and assault. The Court ruled in favour of the plaintiff and found that Employment Law requires employers to provide a work environment which is free from sexual harassment and assault. This case highlights how Employment Law can protect employees in both the workplace and out of it, such as when they are travelling to and from work.

Employment lawyer Toronto and Employment Law has continuously evolved over time with many new acts and regulations being introduced and amended to reflect current societal issues. One recent example of this is the introduction of Bill C-36 which amended many aspects Employment Law including Employment Equity Act, Canada Labour Code, Employment Insurance Act, Human Rights Act, Canada Industrial Relations Board Act, Public Service Employment Act.

The most important concept in Employment Law is protecting an employee’s right to seek employment without discrimination based on any protected ground. Discrimination in Employment is widely covered by provincial and federal discrimination legislation. Employment Law also guarantees that all employees have a right to organize into unions, as well as having the right to strike. The best employment lawyer Toronto can help with Employment Law which has been extended to protect those who are being discriminated against because of their family status, sexual orientation, race, national or ethnic origin. Employment Legislation sets maximum hours of work for most people, minimum wages and prohibits compulsory retirement on grounds of age

Employment Law offers protection from discriminatory hiring practices based on an individual’s sex, disability and/or age. It was historically difficult for individuals suffering from disabilities to gain employment due largely in part to a lack of knowledge surrounding certain disabilities that employers viewed as a liability rather an asset. However this stigma towards individuals with disabilities is quickly fading, Employment Law is a reflection of this shift in attitude. Employment Legislation has been introduced and amended to provide protections for individuals with disabilities from discriminatory hiring practices. Employment Law also provides protection from harassment or discrimination based on an individual’s race, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, family status and religion.


The idea of getting car insurance can be pretty daunting with all the details that are needed. One way to make things easier is by using an auto insurance quote website. These websites will gather your information and use it with data from other businesses in order to provide you with car insurance quotes that best suit your needs. You then pick one of these quotes or get an agent to call around for more detailed quotes if needed. The whole process only takes a few minutes, but this savings on time makes it worth it. If you use an auto insurance quote website, you won’t have to worry about calling multiple offices and talking to numerous people over the phone.

The car insurance quotes are easy to understand and you can look at them one-by-one or compare them side by side. People who want car insurance quotes online use the internet for a number of things, such as looking up car insurance companies, comparing car insurance St Catharines rates, and getting car insurance quotes. These websites make this process much easier because they don’t charge a fee for using their services and they provide accurate quotes in a short amount of time.

When car shopping, car insurance quotes are often an afterthought. However, car insurance can cost hundreds of dollars each year – so it’s important to find the car insurance policy that best fits your need and budget.

Getting car insurance quotes online is a good way to get started. It only takes a few minutes to enter information into an online form, which produces multiple car insurance quotes based on your answers. The Internet is also filled with helpful resources where you can read about different car insurance policies , how much these polices typically cost , and other information that will help you make more informed decisions .


The printer you might select for your office might not be the right fit for your business use. This is true for most cases. Even the small businesses might need sophisticated machines for productivity as well as efficiency. Most businesses will choose printers that can be networked for sharing purposes around the premises. These are the printing machines that can last longer while they add the value of saving on costs. They also come with advanced finishing options, better handling, and faster printing speeds. Some of them have the capability to fax, email, scan, and copy documents.

Business printers that can be networked can be available for numerous models as well as types. All of them come with a wide range of capabilities and features especially the office photocopiers and a color laser printer. This guide will help you make an informed decision whenever you want to purchase office printers and a printer for small business.

1. Wireless Vs. Wired Printers

For most homes, they use the wireless printers. There is no need to worry about creating a physical connection with your computer when you can print the job from any point of your home. However, wired connections offer faster printing services. In this case, they are more secure with reliability. This is why they can be important for business premises. On the other hand, wireless printers can be less expensive to deploy with more flexibility. They can be used for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

2. Color vs. Monochrome

If you use the printer to print simple business documents such as the spreadsheet plain texts, letters, and memos, you might need to consider a monochrome printer for your business needs. If your main work is printing graphics, customs documents or logos with visuals such as charts, your top choice will be the colour laser printer. Because of the ongoing costs, the monochrome printers outsell the color printers by a wide margin in the market. However, you must always keep in mind that you might be stuck with the choice of printer you make for some years to come. Find a source if you might need a color print in the future.

3. Business Printer Features

When you consider features, a factor of consideration is whether you need a multi-function printer or the single-function one. The single-function printers, just as the word sounds, do one job. This is printing documents alone. The multi-function printers can do many things once. This includes copying, scanning, converting documents, and emailing. Because you avoid purchasing many things once, the multi-function printers are cost effective. This streamlines the flow of business as well as document management. You can always learn more at the XMA Business Solutions website.

4. Networking Options

It makes financial sense as well as practicality to share a printer among all employees in the business. The printer must have a connection to the office network to do this. This allows the printer to print to a single machine from their respective mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and remotely. You can either buy a printer that is fitted with working capabilities or add one to a dedicated server. While they cost more, printers with in-built capabilities are simpler to connect.

5. Business Printer Costs

This is the magic question. It’s hard to answer the amount of money you are likely to spend on the business printer of your choice and unique needs. Without the specific needs of your business, it will be difficult to choose a business printer. You can get a home printer for less than $100. However, you don’t expect to use the same money for business printers. Because they are sophisticated and more advanced, their price will reflect the same.


Corner guards are used in renovations and for a variety of other reasons. You want to make sure that you know why you should spend the money on these guards.

1. Protect Walls

The walls should be protected. Over and over again, people are going to walk into the corners, bang things into them, and more. Over time, it’s going to cause the walls to look less than perfect. You might find that you have to re-do the corners from time to time. This will take time and money to do, which is something you should look to avoid by protecting walls.

2. Improve the Aesthetic

You might be surprised by how great a home or business can look when you add corner guards. Whether you make them with aluminum, stainless steel, or even another material, you control the final look. There are even guards in colors, allowing you to match the color of the walls. It will make it easier for you to get a highly desirable look within the building.

3. Avoid Repainting

Repainting the walls is a time-consuming task. You might find that you’re constantly painting the corners because the look isn’t what you wanted. Someone knocks into the corner and suddenly, there is a chip there. Since you want the building to look its best, you can install the guards.

4. Prevent Constant Scraping

Scraping will be inevitable, no matter how careful people might be. You might notice that someone hits the corner as they’re taking the corner too tight. You might also notice someone scrape a cart or other object by the corner because they don’t have enough clearance. Whatever it might be, you need to be sure you have a barrier in place to prevent the scraping that will otherwise take place regularly.

5. Add a Buffer

It’s also a great idea to have a buffer when you’re doing any kind of moving. Whether you have equipment turning around the corners, furniture, or something else, you can protect the corners within your residence or commercial business. It’s better if people bang into the corner guards than into the actual corners as it will offer the necessary added layer of protection.

Making an investment in corner guards has plenty of benefits. They are found in many materials, allowing you to enhance the look of your home or business while protecting an area that is abused repeatedly.  Find more information and learn from the resources available on the Boss Corner Guards website.


1. The Value Of High-Quality Stretch Film

Stretch films are packaging materials that are vital for a wide variety of businesses. Typically, you use stretch film to keep stacked boxes in place on a pallet. However, this type of film is used even when pallets are not available. Throughout the Canadian economy, companies that pack and ship materials employ thousands of workers. Many of these companies are medium and small businesses, which contribute greatly to the North American economy as a whole. Excellent packaging contributes to greater customer loyalty. When packages are not properly secured before they are shipped, customers may well receive damaged products. Using the right stretch film can help you avoid controversial and compromising situations situations.

2. Films And Film Dispensers For All Occasions

Different situations call for the use of different packing supplies. If your business involves sending large numbers of pallets on a daily basis, you should certainly consider investing in a stretch film dispenser. If this is the route you do take, make sure the dispenser you purchase has the right max film width settings to meet your expectations. Furthermore, you should only purchase devices like these from reputable retailers that stand by their products. Depending on the cost of the device in question, you may want to consider investing in an extended warranty to guarantee your investment. Fortunately, most of the manufacturers that make film dispensers exemplify trustworthiness and professionalism. These companies employ some of the most prestigious North American engineers and designers working today. The best film dispensers are marvels of modern engineering.

3. Further Tips To Help You Prosper

When you are purchasing packaging supplies, you’ll have to balance your needs with budgetary considerations. If in doubt, it is generally a good idea to err on the side of quality supplies. As we’ve noted, even one controversial shipment can lead to loss of face and professional embarrassment. Over the course of the next decade, it is highly possible that manufacturers will invent new forms of packing film that are even more useful and reliable than anything currently on the market. By keeping up with innovations in this area, you can ensure that your business can remain competitive.

Generally, packing film is made from an advanced type of polyethylene called LLDPE. This material is made by ethylene with butane or hexene. In some cases, octene is used as well. Before any packing film is released to the market for sale, it must pass muster in several key areas. These include tear resistance, cling, clearness and overall tensile strength. All decent manufacturers conduct preliminary testing with thoughtfulness and care. Most commentators agree that is extremely important for packing film to be fully puncture resistant. Visit Malpack Ltd if you are interested in learning more information.


If you are like most small business owners, you use the services of large delivery companies for most of your small business shipping needs. These services from larger delivery companies are ideal for national and international shipping needs, but you may also use courier services for local deliveries. Courier services often provide you with a reliable, cost-effective option, and many couriers offer personalized service and can specially-handle your package as needed. It is common for small business owners to compare rates of courier services before contracting with a courier for local delivery service. In your comparison, you may wonder what factors impact delivery rates. Identifying the most significant factors that influence these rates may help you to discover new ways to save on this service.

The Delivery Address
One of the most common factors that impacts courier Toronto rates is the delivery address. If your address is in the same city as the pickup location, you may expect to pay a more affordable rate. This is particularly true if the pickup and delivery addresses are in the prime service area that the courier works in. Some couriers will work outside of their prime service area for an additional fee. With this in mind, you can save money on courier fees if you find a courier that works in both your pickup and delivery locations.

Miles Traveled
Another factor that will affect the price you pay for courier services is the distance between the two locations. Your courier will incur a cost for each mile traveled in the form of fuel expense as well as wear and tear on the vehicle. You may consider mapping the distance between the two locations yourself to ensure that the mileage expense that you are being charged is for the fastest route between the two points.

Time Required for the Delivery
The delivery time will also affect your courier rate, and delivery times can vary based on traffic at the time you schedule the pickup, construction on the fastest route between the two points, weather conditions and more. Consider paying attention to the average hourly rate the courier charges for delivery service, and compare this rate against other couriers’ rates to identify cost savings through other sources.

Hiring a courier to deliver your package to a local area is a great option that can ultimately save you money. However, the cost of delivery services can add up over the course of a year, and you may be wondering how you can save money on delivery charges. By learning more about the factors that affect rates charged by couriers, you can more easily adjust or manage those factors to your benefit.


The construction business is one of the fastest growing industries in Canada. Therefore, steel construction products are in high demand leading to the emergence of different types of steel suppliers. It’s a good trend, economically speaking, but can be confusing to a common citizen looking to purchase some steel products for construction. Some of the most common steel construction products are stainless steel corner guards, steel beams, pipe, and steel bars.

The confusion could stem from the measurements, units of measurement, and where to purchase. In terms of measurement, there’s always a lot of confusion vis-à-vis weights, thickness, gauges, and gauge numbers. MSG (Manufacturers Standard Gauge for Steel Sheets) is the widely used gauge system in Canada. The gauge system was developed with a fixed thickness for each corresponding gauge number.

Different Types of Steel Products

Steel corner guards are used to polish sharp edges in a building. They are sheared in factories and are made from stainless steel. Steel pipes are used in construction to convey fluids (liquids and gases). Steel bars are used to reinforce concrete while steel beams are attached by joists to the ceiling and floor to provide structural support for the walls.

The Most Common Units of Measurements

Even the most common units of measurements in the steel business come in numerous variations. Because steel as a construction tool has been around for quite a long time, several terms are uniquely used in the steel business; sometimes interchangeably to refer to different things. The mostly used steel measurement units in Canada are Pounds (LBS), CWT or hundredweight, and metric tonnes.

Where to Buy

All the different steel products used in Canada are acquired through several types of steel suppliers. There are quite a few options when it comes to buying steel products in the country. Take a look:


Steel mills are large organizations and buying steel directly from them is not always a good idea. They do not offer many size ranges and often want to ship in bulk. Buying directly from a mill eliminates the need for a middleman.

Service Centres

Service centres are usually smaller than milling companies. Service centres cut steel into small coils and sheets for industrial use. They act as the distribution centres since mills don’t want to hold inventory or ship in small volumes.

Traders and Brokers

Traders or brokers are your best option if you want to import steel from another country. They negotiate with the steel supplier on your behalf and can handle the import process for you. Foreign steel can be significantly cheaper than domestic steel. The only downside is that you will be dealing with a middleman and you’ll have no control of the quality of steel materials you receive. For more insights, BOSS Steel Limited has resources and information available on their website.


Those who enjoy working on projects or performing repairs around the house likely have plenty of tools at their disposal. Unfortunately, the tools can often get lost due to a lack of organization in the garage. To ensure that your tools are easy to find, there are a few important tips to follow.

Hang the Tools on Pegboard

Pegboard is an effective product to hang on the walls of your garage to hang your power tools and make them easy to find. Group like items together on the wall to make them visible in the garage and within reach of your work area. You can also organize the items according to their size to make the space aesthetically pleasing.

Use a Professional Tilt Cart

Tilt carts are the perfect solution for those who need certain items on hand when they’re restoring a car or are building shelves. The cart can roll around the garage, making it easy to take with you and keep the essentials close by. The interior of the cart features multiple shelves that are adjustable with a pegboard panel where you can hang Dewalt tools and find them in seconds.

Hang a Magnetic Storage Panel

Magnetic storage panels are effective at hanging screwdrivers, wrenches, and nails in an area that features multiple panels. The product is constructed out of magnetized steel and is strong enough to hold a cast iron plate. Use the panel on the wall above your work bench to find specific items without digging through your drawers.

Add a Wire Spool Holder

A wire spoon holder will make it easy to keep your wire spools together to prevent them from becoming tangled. The product can be purchased or made yourself and will make it easy to keep all of your wire together in one place.

Use Component Drawers

Those who own power tools or basic products likely have plenty of small parts lying around, which can become disorganized and difficult to find. Use component drawers to store tiny parts and group them together. Label each drawer to make them easy to find and organize the parts every few months to ensure that you avoid creating junk drawers that can easily accumulate.

Hang Milk Crates

Milk crates can be used to store your Dewalt tools or your tape in a place that is easy to access and offers plenty of visibility for the products you use frequently. You can also stack the milk crates to make use of vertical space in your garage and limit the amount of items that sit on a table where you work frequently. Additional resources are available at the Mississauga Hardware website.


The sheet Metal fabrication process is the basis of low cost fabrication and this is among the most common raw materials in manufacturing. Smaller amounts of material are used when comparing it with parts that are machined from block material. Parts that are made from block material can often times be redesigned in order to be adapted to sheet metal form. If they stack sheets of the same shape they can render a higher thickness. If they stack sheets of different shapes they build a 3D shape. When combining the metal fabrication process with other processes like milling a recess on a laser cut sheet the achieve more flexibility.

Sheet metal is used in industrial and non-industrial applications which include fuselages, wings, appliances, boilers, and also for kitchen and office equipment.

Metal fabrication shops make parts using methods such as bending, counter sinking, laser cutting milling,and Photochemical Milling just to name a few.

Jobs that require sheet metal fabrication generally start with shop drawings which include precise measurement then the go on to the fabrication stage.

To explain the processes of sheet metal fabrication we start with cutting, this is accomplished by sawing, shearing or chiseling with manual and power machinery.

Bending is done by manual or power driven methods. They use press brakes to air bend sheet metal into a form. Software programs make the press brakes very efficient and seamless.

The joining of pieces or the assembling process is done either by binding with an adhesive, welding,threaded fasteners or riveting.

Structural steel and sheet metal are the starting materials for fabricators. The raw materials that are used are, expanded metal, plate metal, welding wire and rods and casting.

Sheet metal roofing goes through a roll-former which is a machine that will turn metal coil into sheet metal roofing panels. These machines can be fitted with, manual or mechanized shears, and a computer controller unit for different panel profiles.

The basic process of making the sheet metal roofing panels is by feeding metal coil into the roll-former. When it is inside of the roll-former, the coil goes through a series of rolls that makes curves and bends. Each roll makes more of a bend than the previous one. The rolls in the former are made of stainless steel for durability. Some of these roll-former’s can bend metal as thick as 22 gauge.

The typical width of sheet metal roofing panels is 12, 16 and 20 inches. For the 12 inch panel they use a 16 inch coil. The extra 4 inches are used to make the locks on each side of the panel. For additional insights, please visit Heather & Little Limited –


The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is Canada’s national hazardous chemical standard. The WHMIS labels are used to warn individuals of hazardous chemical dangers. The WHMIS classification helps workers handle, transport and store potentially dangerous chemicals.

“WHMIS Classification System”

The Department of Health Canada created the WHMIS Classification on October 31, 1988. The French variation is called the Systeme D’Information Sur Les Matieres Dangereuses Utilisees Au Travail (SIMDUT). These hazardous ICC Compliance Center may be a good place to gather additional resources.


Nowadays, sheet metal fabrication has taken roofing to another standard. The typical asphalt shingles have been replaced by metal shingles which are more durable. The latter comes in different types of material depending on your budget and preference. One of the best metal roofs is that made of steel shingles because they are strong and not very heavy.

The Steps of Installing Steel Shingles

  • Gather the Necessary Materials and Equipment

Ensure that you have the correct number of tiles required for the roofing. The number can be derived at by dividing the area of the roof with the area of one tile (100cm. You should also have a well aerated synthetic membrane that will be used as roof underlayment. Galvanized nails are very necessary for supporting the roof because they don’t corrode. You will also need equipment such as a hammer, ladder, and saw, among others.

  • Prepare a Flat Surface Where the Tiles Will Lie

The surface should not have large spaces between it so that the stability of the roof will not be compromised. The cover can be made of plywood or wooden boards. The surface should be well leveled to enable the tiles to interlock correctly.

  • Put an Underlayment (A Synthetic Material)

This will allow the circulation of air in and out of the roof. Lay an underlayment at the lower edge of the roof that will protect the roof from ice and water leakages. Start spreading the underlayment from the bottom edge of the roof and support it from its start with galvanized nails. The nails should be 8-inch apart. Spread the next row in an overlapping manner with the previous row by six inches.

  • Install the Tiles

Start installing the tiles along the lower edge of the roof. Then put shingles on the sides of the roof. Align and nail the tiles with the galvanized capped nails in overlapping rows until the entire roof is covered. Make sure that the tiles overlap by six inches in consecutive rows from the bottom of the roof.

  • Apply Impervious Material between Tile Joints

The material helps to prevent water leakage into the roof. The process is referred to as flashing and it should be done on the top, below and on the sides of the tiles. Also, flush around vents and pipes.

  • Instal Ridge Caps

Finally, you need to give your roof a beautiful finish by installing ridge cap tiles that cover the joints where the planes of the roof meet.

You see how uncomplicated it is to install steel shingles? Get a long-lasting roof that you can install at a very low or no labor cost. Change your roof or construct your new house using metal shingles and say goodbye to roof leakages.The Heather & Little Limited website is a useful resource if you would like to learn more information.


The difference between starting a business and thinking about starting a business is basic; thinking is so much harder. In particular, starting a business that offers excellent commercial cleaning services is a seemingly impossible task. This is in a hypothetical scenario, however; one that includes the thought process only with the exclusion of the execution part. Setting up an office cleaning business has never been easy but will never be as hard as people like to think.
The intricacies of the office cleaning business
1. Doing a survey
There is no need to do any survey. Regardless of whether you are in a city, town or local municipality, there are plenty of offices that desperately need your services and don’t know it. Show up at their doors and they will beg you to step in.
2. Determine what services to offer
Depending on what amount of capital is at your disposal and what skills you can access, decide what services your enterprise will offer. A full range of services will include mopping and vacuuming, dusting and disinfecting, restroom cleaning, and trash removal. All the services will require particular instruments and gadgets. Hence, whatever resource is available will determine the scope of services you have to offer.
A good franchise, nonetheless, will offer all services that an office will need to get cleaned up. It will dust and clean all surfaces and equipment. It will sanitize and disinfect the office and the restrooms, vacuum all corners of the establishment and dispose of all the trash sustainably.
However, this business is a lucrative path that has not been well followed and is very promising. With a properly drafted business plan, no bank would deny you a loan. Therefore, you should not have an excuse to exclude certain services in your business.
3. Create a business plan

Of course, this goes without saying.
4. Getting all the necessary documents
The intricacies of starting an office cleaning business all fall here. There are a few documents that all franchise offering commercial cleaning services must have. These are:
• A license
• Registration documents
• Liability insurance
• Approved hourly rates charge shit
• Tax forms and W9 forms
5. Get down to marketing
Marketing is an essential part of starting a commercial cleaning franchise. Any elaborate action or word coined up towards the result of potential clients knowing of the existence of your services counts as marketing.
You should strive to make sure those potential customers;
• Know your services exist
• Prefer your services to those of the competition
• Know how to contact you
• Prefer your rates to those of your competition
• Feel confident in your capacity to meet their requirement
• Feel safe and secure when your stuff has access to their office particulars

Finally, as business peaks, you can draft up contracts to hire services of sub-contract employees that your franchise will occasionally call upon to offer their services on a need-to-indulge basis. For more information, please check out the Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems website.


Proper flex storage solutions are very critical in ensuring the durability and efficiency in your flexographic printing services. This calls for proper cleaning, handling them with care and storing them properly. There are some procedures that can be followed to ensure flex storage solutions keep the sleeves in a perfect working state for a very long.

Handling with Care

It is imperative that all the flexographic sleeves are handled with care right from the storage to production and to ensure there is no damage. It would be an excellent idea to invest in flexcart to protect the sleeves from any damage. The flexcart will also guarantee the safety of employees if several sleeves have to be transported all at once. Caution should be observed particularly on sharp objects, and if there is any need to cut the sleeves, then a sharp knife need to be used with slight pressure to avert any damage.


Flexographic printing is often a dirty job, and the sleeves have to be kept clean if they are to print clean line. Therefore, cleaning has to be done as quickly as possible to remove any residues of inks, oil, tape and lubricants. Close attention needs to be observed to ensure the ends and the insides of the sleeves are always clean. Investing on sleeve cleaning cart that comes with a flexstand will ensure a quick cleaning of all the flexographic sleeves within the printing press without moving them out.

Flex Cleaning Solutions

Using the right cleaning products is crucial in the maintenance of the sleeves and harsh solvents should never be used in the cleaning process because it can damage the surfaces of the sleeves. Acids, salt solutions, or alkaline solutions should never be used in the cleaning process always refer to the recommendations from the supplier for the right cleaning products for your sleeves. Whenever the sleeves are not in use, it is advisable to store them in their protective covers to avoid damage. Sleeves should not be kept under the covers when they are wet, and they should be allowed to dry, and a compressed air dryer may be used to ensure they are dry and without any oil residues.


The horizontal storage system is not advisable because the sleeves will turn oval and are likely to cause injuries to workers if they fall especially if they were stacked so high. Against this backdrop, the storage of sleeves needs to be changed to vertical sleeve storage system. The vertical system can store more sleeves in a small area and much easier to retrieve them whenever they are needed. A flex stand that has adjustable discs and rubber pads will make an ideal vertical storage system that will ensure the longevity of your flexographic sleeves and minimize printing costs in the long run.


The Canadian government, through comprehensive research and analysis, has in recent times determined that the major problems facing small businesses within its boarder mostly include insufficiency of funds. It thus, through the help of self-help groups like Self-Help Credit Union decided to set an initiative to offer small businesses with:
1. Capital investment funding
2. Hiring and training grants
3. Research and Development Funding
4. Business expansion funding grants and loans
To make sure that the funds would be made use of appropriately, sustainably and profitably in a way that improved living standards of the people and strengthen the Canadian economy by bridging the gap between the rich and the poor, checks and balances for using the government grants for small businesses. Four programs were set up with specific and unique eligibility criteria. The most inspiring of all small business grants Ontario success stories is the Durham Foods growth and renaissance in Pease pudding appreciation.
Humble beginnings

The Durham Food hub started as a mobile truck food store. The mobile kitchen, in the beginning, sold sausage sandwiches made from pasture-raised pigs raised on nearby farms. The co-owners, Tina Prevatte and Jennifer Curtis used all the avenues they could to grow their businesses. These avenues included government grants for small businesses, relationships with creditors and trial-and-error. They endeavored to serve as the middlemen in the livestock product processing system. They used the funds to buy whole animals from small-time ranchers and transport them to restaurants, grocery stores and institutions.
Taking the unexpected turn
Ingenious decisions by Tina Prevatte and Jennifer Curtis propelled Durham Foods into unexpected heights. Durham Foods did not grow into a big restaurant or a itinerant brand. Instead, it exploited the gaping loops in the food market of product. They began connecting farmers to buyers in search of local beef and pork grown naturally on pastures without genetically modified hormones, animal by-products or antibiotics.
Another wave these inspiring entrepreneurs rode on was the abrupt renaissance in Pease pudding appreciation. The Pease pudding had initially been a staple food for majority households in the North East but a spontaneous spread of the appreciation for the delicious but low fat and zero gluten delicacy transpired. Durham Food was there to facilitate the renaissance by making sure the delicacy reached outer regions of the North East.
Taking advantage

Small business owners should take advantage of whatever programs their businesses quality for in this government grants. The process is easy as bureaucracy is minimized. The grants are evidently changing lives and improving the quality of life for many Canadians in Ontario.


Some companies set their alarm monitoring system right before they leave work for the day; however, choosing a system that has at least some features that can be activated, even when employees are in the building, is pivotal to the safety of the staff.


Early Morning Hours

When the sun is just starting to appear at the horizon and the air has a slight chill, even on the warmest days, you may feel a sense of tranquility with the world. While that peace is more than just a chimera, it also isn’t inviolable. Employees who are entering the facility, especially by themselves, may be at risk for an attack. In fact, some criminals may target businesses at these hours because they know how empty the spaces are. An alarm system with a panic button can help to keep employees safe.


Work Day

Keeping an alarm system on fully throughout the work day is likely impossible for most companies as both employees and clients are continually walking in and out of the door. At small businesses, however, arming the system might be possible, and staff may need to take this action if the business is located in a high crime area or if companies in the area have been targeted recently. Even for businesses where this plan is an impossibility, they can keep certain features of the alarm system armed. For example, no reason exists as to why they cannot use the smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and natural gas detectors. Also, people can have access to panic buttons in the event of an emergency.


At Night

While statistics will vary depending on a variety of factors, such as location, break-ins may very well be more likely after the business has closed up for the night. Criminals know that no one is there. Furthermore, disgruntled ex-employees might use this time to take out their hostilities toward the business. Even if no one breaks in to the premises, a fire or carbon monoxide or gas leak could wreak havoc on the business. Properly functioning alarm monitoring can help to potentially end the problem before it gets worse.



At points, the entire business may close down for a particular stretch of time. Maybe the company is on holiday, or perhaps the business is moving to a new location soon. If criminals see that the business lies unoccupied for a number of days in a row, they may decide that this time is the perfect one to strike.

Alarm monitoring is not something you should pay only a minuscule amount of attention to. Instead, a proper alarm can work to keep you and your employees safe at all times.


Protect your valuable belongings with high-quality corrugated packaging. The right-sized corrugated boxes can protect your items during transit. Learn why the packaging companies trust in this corrugated material.

Bumps, Dents & Drops

In 1856, the English created the first corrugated paper to be used as lining for tall hats. Corrugated boxes are made of fluted sheets of cardboard that create a layer of air between them. This affordable paperboard is able to cushion small amounts of pressure or force.

Whether you like it or not, moving parcels any distance can lead to bumps, dents and even drops. Other heavier boxes could easily damaged your fine porcelain, jewelry or electronics enclosed inside. Find the right-sized corrugated containers to protect your valuables while moving.

Why Corrugated Packaging?

During an important move, you might want to purchase cheap boxing materials. You don’t know what cuts, slices or dents could damage your valuable property. You also might want a box that can be stacked easily.

Metal, wood and plastic boxes might be a bit too rigid for some purposes. They actually might end up damaging your moving vehicle or other containers. Here are some of the attributes of corrugated packaging:

– Bending, Impact & Tear Resistance
– Burst Strength
– Crush Test
– Shock Absorption

The corrugated material is actually quite strong and does not tear easily. The outer cardboard structure will tend to form around the interior contents, creating a solid barrier against impact. Cardboard containers should not be stacked too high. How high you can stack them, depends on the weight of the contents.

Corrugated boxes have ideal cushioning attributes, which allow them to handle the jostling of trucks driving down the road or cargo airplanes flying through the air. This shock absorption can prevent delicate edges from breaking or being scratched.

Place your goods in high-quality corrugated boxes to prevent them from being damaged in transit. This is a vital element of quality control. Demonstrate your commitment to selling superior products, using first-class packaging.

Pop Displays

If you need to arrange merchandise in your store in a simple, affordable fashion, then pop displays are ideal. The cardboard material is light and easy to transport. It is also relatively easy to assemble. You just place the tabs in the slots and go.

The solid base allows you to display your pamphlets, beverages, candy bars, you name it. This is an effective display that can be used for a mobile vendor. You might want pop displays for local festivals, concerts, conferences or celebrations.

Corrugated products are more sturdy then simple paper cardboard. Create solid structures for your valuables with corrugated materials. Display your goods using strong pop displays.


Many industries rely on industrial filtration and have since the advent of environmental compliance regulations. One of the first industries to rely on industrial filtration is the mining industry. Mining coal and other types of ores requires a certain amount of blasting to get to the core of lodes. In these confined work spaces, miners absorbed much of the dust from constant blasting. The first industrial filter began as masks that prevented inhalation of dust. Later, hi tech industrial filters with induced draft fans pulled always dust from the interior of mines.

These filters have two significant functions:

    • To create a healthy and safe workplace
    • As a capture for precious metals or end waste from products that create dust


Some of the industries that rely mostly heavily on industrial filters include:

    • Cosmetic manufacturers
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
    • Metals extruding
    • Precious metals recapture


How Does Industrial Filtration Work?

An industrial filtration system basically contains an inlet that draw into a “baghouse” dust in work rooms and manufacturing production areas. The baghouse looks similar to a large enclosed room or building, depending on the volume of dust to be collected. Inside this area is a network of grids from which industrial bag filters are suspended. The grid is connected through duct work to an inlet and an induced draft fan that pulls dust particulate into the system. Once inside the baghouse, a bag filter “collects” dust particulate and filtered air exits the baghouse via an outlet.

Bag Filter Media

Bag filters are manufactured from a specific type of fabric. They are coated with anti-statics to allow dust particulate to adhere to the interior surface of bag filters. The size of a bag filter depends on the size of the grid. Some bag houses require fabric filter bags that can be more than twenty feet in length and up to three feet in width. All industrial filters are required to be installed under EPA and OSHA regulations where the dust particulate emitted into the air requires containment. In precious metals reclamation, for example, bags may be slightly smaller in size to contain gold, silver, copper and titanium dusts. By containing dust from precious metals, the bag filter allows the reuse of the dust for other purposes.

How Dust Collectors Reduce Contamination

In many industrial processes, dust particulate can be toxic. For example, micro fiber dust from silica can build up in the human body. Manufacturers whose products are composed of silica are required to have a dust collector to ensure the health of employees as well as to prevent exposure to interior and exterior air streams. This is how dust collectors that perform as industrial filtration systems reduce contamination and air pollution.


Creating a healthy, safe and productive workplace requires you to ensure that there are no leaks from your man-made equipment or Mother Nature. Leaks can involve both safe and toxic chemicals from the air, soil, water or equipment. Purchase high-quality leak detection equipment to gain peace of mind.

Types of Leaks
Man-made leaks may involve water, gasoline, air, carbon monoxide or even grain from a large bin. Natural leaks could involve water, radon and methane. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) could react with other chemicals on site.

Canary in the Coal Mine
Before leak detection technology had been fully developed, the coal mining industry would use sensitive canaries to identify potential problems. Unwittingly, you might be putting your workers at risk, if you are not using proper leak detection equipment. Employee hacking coughs, runny noses and watery eyes might be warning signs.

One problem is that human sensitivities vary tremendously. An employee complaint may be the result of bad allergies. By the time, your entire workforce is complaining about foul fumes, it might be too late.

A prime example is leaking water causing mold growth. Mold grows quickly and by the time it effects employee health, your carpet, furniture and air quality could be ruined. Leak detection equipment is the pro-active solution.

Problems Caused by Leaks
Small leaks can become serious dangers if allowed to fester. There is a domino effect when organizations fail to adequately address potential problems. Here are some of the serious problems that could result from leaks:

-Reduced industrial productivity
-Slipping hazards
-Serous accidents
-Damaged human health

Lost air pressure would reduce the effectiveness of your pneumatic equipment. Gasoline spills waste a valuable resource and could be set on fire with sparks from metal vehicles rubbing against the warehouse floor.

Forklifts could slip on oil spills leading to serious accidents. Employees might develop upper respiratory symptoms.

What is the Leak Source?
Industrial equipment, pipelines, hoses or fans might be broken, busted or functioning improperly. You might have a leaky roof or concrete foundation. The leak detection equipment can identify an issue before it becomes a major problem.

This detection will save the company money (when the leak is a vital gas or liquid). Managers can develop a coherent plan to handle the problem before it becomes a crisis. Order the replacement part and send the mechanics to fix the issue. Extra space or assembly lines can be used to keep production going elsewhere, while the leak source is repaired.

It is wise to be pro-active before your entire industrial manufacturing process is disrupted. Prevent workplace accidents. Be responsible in protecting your employees, equipment and business. Modern leak- detecting machines can identify potential problems before they become disasters.


ID cards are a great way to promote your organization, increase public awareness, and add new members. Be sure to apprise organization members of how their ID cards can be used to maximum benefit. ID cards have a wide range of use from security to employee discounts and best of all you can make them in-house with the use of a card printer. This is especially true if the organization is internationally based.

What You Should Consider Before Using ID Cards

Before issuing cards consider how they will be used and how they should “not” be used. For example, if your organization’s policies do not allow members to use these cards to promote their personal businesses, the cards should indicate this in fine print. A card printer can provide this service at the time of the first printing. It is also advisable to fully discuss the purpose and use of these cards with membership to avoid potential problems.

Stress the Point of Cards for Your Organization

On the positive side of the use of cards, members should be provided with a list of associations and businesses who will accept the cards as proof of membership. These are also quite helpful for civic and charitable organizations that frequently provide services to the public. It is important to stress the point of identification cards to members so they can find additional uses for them.

The cards also serve as an identification of the organization’s services and validate the volunteer/members involved in related events and presentations to the public. In organizations where raising funds is a major part of their responsibilities, a member is quickly identified and validated by potential donors. If the cards will be used for security purposes, you should create a general security guide that includes how to use them, which areas are off-limits, and other procedures.

What Information is Essential to Identification Cards?

A card printer provides a basic template for identification cards. Specific information a card printer may require includes:
. A signature line for each organization member
. Contact name(s), phone number(s) or email(s) for verification purposes
. Formal logo of the organization
. Licensing or permit numbers if applicable

The Style and Design of Identification Cards

Some card printers may already have a template for established organizations. If this is a new organization, discuss the style and design of the card to ensure they effectively communicate the message of the group. Cards should be designed for quick recognition when presented to the public. This is especially important for relatively new organizations that need to build their public image and increase membership, patrons and donors.

The Cards Are Printed, What Next?

The first step after the initial issues of cards are printed is to ensure all members in good standing are provided with their card. These cards may also be distributed in new member packets as part of the new members’ introduction to the organization.


Many businesses today are turning to cloud hosting to keep sites running smoothly. This type of hosting saves time and money, which is a big benefit to business owners. The advantages of using the cloud to host a company site are outlined below.

No Experience Necessary
Hosting a site with a cloud service eliminates the need to be a design expert or hire special staff to maintain the site. The cloud company provides pre-made web templates that make designing a professional site quick and easy. Since the hosting company will take care of the site’s updates, the business owner can get on with more important tasks.

No Downtime
In the digital world, it is vital that a web presence be available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The Internet is always on, and someone could be searching for or looking at a given website at any time. The cloud service staff is always available to make sure a site is up and running at all times. Downtime is lost revenue, and the less downtime a business has the better.

No Security Worries
The technology behind hosting and websites changes very fast, and it can be nearly impossible for a business to keep track of updates and security patches. This especially true when using a content management system, which may be vulnerable to hacking. A cloud hosting service will ensure a business site is optimized and running as securely as possible.

No Limit on Growth
An important consideration for a business website is planning ahead for growth. While this can be done with some accuracy, it is not an exact science. Using a cloud service is helpful in this regard because it can instantly provide exactly what is needed at the time. This type of hosting is also more stable when it comes to traffic spikes and handling sudden, explosive growth.

No Loss on Investment
It is the goal of any business to receive a return on its investment. Hosting in the cloud saves a company money right from the start. This is very beneficial to small companies that are run by one or two people who are overwhelmed with many other duties and may not have the time to make their website competitive. Having setup, security, availability and scalability taken care of is a plus for any business, and this will make itself known on the bottom line.

Starting a business is a daunting task in itself and not having to constantly worry about the web presence can bring peace of mind to any company owner. Cloud hosting may be just the thing to give a business the best chance possible.


It’s been a well known fact for a long time that a very comfortable work environment improves the performance of employees and therefore the profits of most any business. The majority of scientific studies performed on this subject have determined that there are several, proven needs and factors that employees working in office space must have on a daily basis to be as productive and successful as they can possibly be.


With inadequate and improper lighting, it makes it much harder for any employee working in a commercial office space environment to be a productive and prolific worker. Poor lighting inside office space makes workers strain their eyes, can produce severe headaches, and will definitely decrease cognitive functioning and performance due to the negative effects it produces in the brain’s visual cortex.


If an office space environment is either too hot or too cold, these conditions will dramatically affect an employee’s ability to be productive no matter what type of commercial office work he’s performing. If the work space is not at proper room temperature based on the outside weather conditions, workers will shiver or sweat and constantly be uncomfortable and be complaining about why the temperature is either too cold or too hot. These conditions will definitely take their minds off their required tasks and adversely affect their performance levels.


It’s also been proven in numerous occupational studies that if an employee has a desk job in a work environment that his production output will increase if he’s enclosed in his own office or desk cubicle rather than being way out all open in the office spread around all over without any doors or walls to provide him with that sense of personal space and privacy that will allow him to concentrate on his tasks. This attempt to create privacy for each worker is much more difficult in some environments such as warehouses or factories, so work performance can definitely suffer even more in these locations.

Proper Equipment

Another way to create a superb work environment is to ensure that every worker is supplied with perfectly functioning equipment such as computers, telephones, fax machines, or any other necessary tool or piece of equipment that a office work environment requires for employees to function at their best.

Interpersonal Compatibility

Of all the factors that make an enjoyable commercial working environment, perhaps the most important to achieve the ultimate levels of productivity and success is the question concerning whether the regular employees are compatible with each other personality-wise. One of the most difficult tasks is spending an eight hour shift right alongside a coworker or colleague who simply refuses to be a nice person. Such a person often continually comes across as mean, cruel, not helpful, and not a team player. Sometimes, such an individual won’t even make eye contact or even verbally answer questions or nod his head when instructed to perform a certain task. In some commercial work environments, such incompatibility can become so unbearable to others that they’ll go so far as to literally quit their jobs over this single issue. So worker compatibility is imperative for a successful occupational environment.


When it comes to business financing, there are many options. Traditional loans work for some businesses, while others may use credit cards or factoring to finance their operations. Government grants are available to some small business owners, especially if they are a minority or their business is part of an industry that is in demand. Some business owners choose a single source of financing, but most of them combine several funding sources to keep their business going.


Business owners who are looking for financing usually start by asking their bank for a loan. It is best to start by talking to a loan officer at a bank you have a long history with because they will probably be more willing to loan you money than a bank who is looking at you as a set of numbers instead of a person. It is a good idea to go into the bank with a copy of your business plan as well as your business’ financial records for the past year. Think about the questions that a loan officer is likely to ask you and rehearse your answers to the questions so that you sound confident and trustworthy by the time you are meeting with the loan officer.


Factoring is the act of selling the business’ accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash. The factoring company usually takes a certain amount of money and pays you the remaining balance due within a few days. The company then sends your customer a bill for the entire balance of the invoice they owe you. Many businesses use this tool because it is quick and can provide a consistent source of income as long as you have customers that owe money to your business. Some people think of this as a loan, but it is simply an advance of most of the money the company is owed.

Credit Cards

Businesses with good credit often use credit cards to finance their operations. There are many advantages to using a business credit card. One is that credit card purchases are very safe. They also send monthly records of everything that is charged to the card, making it easy to track the business’ expenses. Some credit card companies even offer cash back, airline miles or other rewards to their customers. Another advantage of using credit cards is that they can be given to employees to be used for expenses such as gas and motel rooms.


Grants may be available to small businesses through the state or federal governments. There are very strict requirements for these grants, so it is a good idea for business owners who would like a grant to contact the United States Small Business Administration for information about grants their business may be eligible for. Local governments often offer grants to businesses that will boost the local economy. The federal government does not offer business grants, but they do give money to foundations, who often offer grants to small businesses. Some corporations even offer grants to help small businesses and give back to the community. It is a good idea to apply for every grant that your business qualifies for, even if you don’t think you have a good chance of receiving it.


The Best Business Opportunities For Aspiring Entrepreneurs In 2016. Why not? If you’re not wanting to start a brick and mortar business, then you can start an online business even while still working full time. While you can’t really approach any business opportunity leisurely, there are ways for everyone to jump into the best business opportunities of 2016 as aspiring entrepreneurs.

One of the best ways to start a business in this modern world is to be a social media consultant. There is a need for consultants for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. If you can get the right clients, you can really start building your own business quite easily working from your own home. As you can imagine, this is something you can explore while handling your full-time job, and then you can grow it to the point that you can leave your job and just continue operating your business from home.

People are always searching for gifts to buy others on the Internet. The products themselves can be bought at wholesale and sold at retail, but you need to take things a step further. A new exciting business opportunity is to create gift boxes that people buy. They are always searching out unique gift boxes, and you can create unique ones that no one else has out there for sale. Imagine how you could capitalize on the holidays and keep reinventing your business by coming up with creative gift boxes.

Are you interested in designing apps? It’s not difficult to do the designing nowadays, and if this is your thing, you likely have some creative ideas. You could design apps for kids that they just can’t put down. If you were to design one app for kids that went viral, imagine what that would mean regarding sales. You could be an instant millionaire.

Of course, maybe you want to go the traditional route and start a brick and mortar business. You can start your own small business from the ground up, or you can go with a franchising opportunity instead. What business are you going to work on getting started?