7 Advantages of Trash Compaction Equipment

One of the biggest problems with conventional waste storage is the large amounts of space it demands of any business. Trash compaction equipment will assist you in being able to store the appropriate amount of waste safely, securely and save a ton of money in the process. Below are seven of the best reasons to take a closer look at what this equipment can do for your company.

1. Reduced Cost of Waste Removal

One of the immediate advantages of waste compactors is the cost savings with fewer pickups. Loose waste kept in dumpsters takes up more space and fills the bin faster. Compacting allows you to go longer periods of time between trash hauls.

2. Eliminate Loose Trash

Traditional containment of waste can mean loose items finding their way to your parking lot, piling up against fences, shrubs and can leave a bad impression to patrons and other nearby businesses. Compacting ensures everything is one bundle, compressed and unable to drift away on a breeze.

3. Flexibility in Placement of Equipment

Waste compacting equipment comes in a variety of sizes to suit individual needs. You can adjust the size according to your available space. Vertical compactors allow for the most flexibility. These units can easily be placed inside the business for less obvious waste removal.

4. Fewer Rodents and Bugs

Pests can be a serious problem if your waste contains any sort of food product, such as leftovers from a restaurant. Increased numbers of rodents and cockroaches can become a real health hazard and prove difficult to get under control. Compacting this type of waste will help eliminate pest problems by limiting access to the trash. Learn more information at the Rotobale Compaction – EMD website.

5. Better Organized Trash for Pickup

Storage of waste for pickup is made that much easier using trash compaction equipment. The bundles waste products can be moved to a central area that is out of the way until collection service is needed. It is easily stackable and keeps your business looking organized.

6. Handle More Trash in Less Space

The mere act of compacting waste guarantees that it takes up less space. It is the perfect solution for cardboard, paper, plastic and other recyclables. You can keep recycled items separate from actual trash easier than having a collection of bins.

7. Increase Overall Efficiency

Most vertical compactors can get the job done in roughly 30 seconds. This can save both employee and company time. Increased efficiency is an additional way to save money using compaction equipment.

Investing in waste compactors can be one of the more practical solutions available for better waste management. Versatility in size offers you flexibility in placement, which grants you maximum benefits of waste control.