Alarm Monitoring: 24 Hour Security For Your Business

Some companies set their alarm monitoring system right before they leave work for the day; however, choosing a system that has at least some features that can be activated, even when employees are in the building, is pivotal to the safety of the staff.


Early Morning Hours

When the sun is just starting to appear at the horizon and the air has a slight chill, even on the warmest days, you may feel a sense of tranquility with the world. While that peace is more than just a chimera, it also isn’t inviolable. Employees who are entering the facility, especially by themselves, may be at risk for an attack. In fact, some criminals may target businesses at these hours because they know how empty the spaces are. An alarm system with a panic button can help to keep employees safe.


Work Day

Keeping an alarm system on fully throughout the work day is likely impossible for most companies as both employees and clients are continually walking in and out of the door. At small businesses, however, arming the system might be possible, and staff may need to take this action if the business is located in a high crime area or if companies in the area have been targeted recently. Even for businesses where this plan is an impossibility, they can keep certain features of the alarm system armed. For example, no reason exists as to why they cannot use the smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and natural gas detectors. Also, people can have access to panic buttons in the event of an emergency.


At Night

While statistics will vary depending on a variety of factors, such as location, break-ins may very well be more likely after the business has closed up for the night. Criminals know that no one is there. Furthermore, disgruntled ex-employees might use this time to take out their hostilities toward the business. Even if no one breaks in to the premises, a fire or carbon monoxide or gas leak could wreak havoc on the business. Properly functioning alarm monitoring can help to potentially end the problem before it gets worse.



At points, the entire business may close down for a particular stretch of time. Maybe the company is on holiday, or perhaps the business is moving to a new location soon. If criminals see that the business lies unoccupied for a number of days in a row, they may decide that this time is the perfect one to strike.

Alarm monitoring is not something you should pay only a minuscule amount of attention to. Instead, a proper alarm can work to keep you and your employees safe at all times.