A Guide to Canadian Labour and Employment Laws

The Employment Equity Act was a piece of legislation passed by the Canadian Government in 1998. It is an important piece of legislation because it is Canada’s first federal employment equity act, meaning that the Employment Equity Act provides employers with guidelines for how they are to achieve equitable representation of four designated groups with regards to their workforce. These groups include women, persons with disabilities, aboriginal Canadians, and visible minorities. If an employer does not follow these guidelines or discriminates against any members of these groups during the course of hiring then this may be discrimination under the Human Rights Code.

The Employment Equality Act was passed in Ontario in 1986 as means to protect workers from discrimination of the basis of their sex. This act was later succeeded by the Employment Standards Act (2000), which combined both Employment Equality and Employment Equity into one legislative framework, but it still retained protections for sex-based harassment.

This case is important because it demonstrates how Employment Law can be used to challenge discriminatory hiring practices, even when there isn’t a specific Employment Law dealing with such discriminatory practices specifically. There wasn’t an Employment Equity Act in place at this time and so therefore this case dealt with Employment Law issues that could be applied to hiring practices.

Canadian Union of Public Employees v Ontario (Minister of Labour) demonstrated that an employer must provide working conditions which are free from sexual harassment and assault. The Court ruled in favour of the plaintiff and found that Employment Law requires employers to provide a work environment which is free from sexual harassment and assault. This case highlights how Employment Law can protect employees in both the workplace and out of it, such as when they are travelling to and from work.

Employment lawyer Toronto and Employment Law has continuously evolved over time with many new acts and regulations being introduced and amended to reflect current societal issues. One recent example of this is the introduction of Bill C-36 which amended many aspects Employment Law including Employment Equity Act, Canada Labour Code, Employment Insurance Act, Human Rights Act, Canada Industrial Relations Board Act, Public Service Employment Act.

The most important concept in Employment Law is protecting an employee’s right to seek employment without discrimination based on any protected ground. Discrimination in Employment is widely covered by provincial and federal discrimination legislation. Employment Law also guarantees that all employees have a right to organize into unions, as well as having the right to strike. The best employment lawyer Toronto can help with Employment Law which has been extended to protect those who are being discriminated against because of their family status, sexual orientation, race, national or ethnic origin. Employment Legislation sets maximum hours of work for most people, minimum wages and prohibits compulsory retirement on grounds of age

Employment Law offers protection from discriminatory hiring practices based on an individual’s sex, disability and/or age. It was historically difficult for individuals suffering from disabilities to gain employment due largely in part to a lack of knowledge surrounding certain disabilities that employers viewed as a liability rather an asset. However this stigma towards individuals with disabilities is quickly fading, Employment Law is a reflection of this shift in attitude. Employment Legislation has been introduced and amended to provide protections for individuals with disabilities from discriminatory hiring practices. Employment Law also provides protection from harassment or discrimination based on an individual’s race, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, family status and religion.

Auto Insurance Quotes Online

The idea of getting car insurance can be pretty daunting with all the details that are needed. One way to make things easier is by using an auto insurance quote website. These websites will gather your information and use it with data from other businesses in order to provide you with car insurance quotes that best suit your needs. You then pick one of these quotes or get an agent to call around for more detailed quotes if needed. The whole process only takes a few minutes, but this savings on time makes it worth it. If you use an auto insurance quote website, you won’t have to worry about calling multiple offices and talking to numerous people over the phone.

The car insurance quotes are easy to understand and you can look at them one-by-one or compare them side by side. People who want car insurance quotes online use the internet for a number of things, such as looking up car insurance companies, comparing car insurance St Catharines rates, and getting car insurance quotes. These websites make this process much easier because they don’t charge a fee for using their services and they provide accurate quotes in a short amount of time.

When car shopping, car insurance quotes are often an afterthought. However, car insurance can cost hundreds of dollars each year – so it’s important to find the car insurance policy that best fits your need and budget.

Getting car insurance quotes online is a good way to get started. It only takes a few minutes to enter information into an online form, which produces multiple car insurance quotes based on your answers. The Internet is also filled with helpful resources where you can read about different car insurance policies , how much these polices typically cost , and other information that will help you make more informed decisions .

We’ll help to manage your business

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5 Tips for Selecting the Right Business Printer

The printer you might select for your office might not be the right fit for your business use. This is true for most cases. Even the small businesses might need sophisticated machines for productivity as well as efficiency. Most businesses will choose printers that can be networked for sharing purposes around the premises. These are the printing machines that can last longer while they add the value of saving on costs. They also come with advanced finishing options, better handling, and faster printing speeds. Some of them have the capability to fax, email, scan, and copy documents.

Business printers that can be networked can be available for numerous models as well as types. All of them come with a wide range of capabilities and features especially the office photocopiers and a color laser printer. This guide will help you make an informed decision whenever you want to purchase office printers and a printer for small business.

1. Wireless Vs. Wired Printers

For most homes, they use the wireless printers. There is no need to worry about creating a physical connection with your computer when you can print the job from any point of your home. However, wired connections offer faster printing services. In this case, they are more secure with reliability. This is why they can be important for business premises. On the other hand, wireless printers can be less expensive to deploy with more flexibility. They can be used for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

2. Color vs. Monochrome

If you use the printer to print simple business documents such as the spreadsheet plain texts, letters, and memos, you might need to consider a monochrome printer for your business needs. If your main work is printing graphics, customs documents or logos with visuals such as charts, your top choice will be the colour laser printer. Because of the ongoing costs, the monochrome printers outsell the color printers by a wide margin in the market. However, you must always keep in mind that you might be stuck with the choice of printer you make for some years to come. Find a source if you might need a color print in the future.

3. Business Printer Features

When you consider features, a factor of consideration is whether you need a multi-function printer or the single-function one. The single-function printers, just as the word sounds, do one job. This is printing documents alone. The multi-function printers can do many things once. This includes copying, scanning, converting documents, and emailing. Because you avoid purchasing many things once, the multi-function printers are cost effective. This streamlines the flow of business as well as document management. You can always learn more at the XMA Business Solutions website.

4. Networking Options

It makes financial sense as well as practicality to share a printer among all employees in the business. The printer must have a connection to the office network to do this. This allows the printer to print to a single machine from their respective mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and remotely. You can either buy a printer that is fitted with working capabilities or add one to a dedicated server. While they cost more, printers with in-built capabilities are simpler to connect.

5. Business Printer Costs

This is the magic question. It’s hard to answer the amount of money you are likely to spend on the business printer of your choice and unique needs. Without the specific needs of your business, it will be difficult to choose a business printer. You can get a home printer for less than $100. However, you don’t expect to use the same money for business printers. Because they are sophisticated and more advanced, their price will reflect the same.

Five Benefits Of Well-Managed Water Treatment Services

1. Competent Water Treatment Protects Human Health

Naturally, the most important benefits of water treatment systems have to do with preserving human health. Recent advances in filtration have improved life for millions of people throughout the nation and the world. It is especially heartening that these advances have been used to improve the health outcomes of innocent children.

2. Competent Water Treatment Keep Careers Strong

Naturally, your first concern should be for the safety of water users and the environment. Nevertheless, your approach to your duties can have real and lasting effects on your career. If you falter in your water treatment responsibilities, you may lose face in your office. Besides maintaining gainful employment, you’ll naturally want to preserve your chances for advancement within your organization. This requires doing more than the bare minimum needed to meet the requirements of your job. To stand out amidst all of the other candidates for promotion, you ought to carefully scrutinize the water treatment system you are currently using. If there is a fiscally responsible way for you to upgrade your system further, you should leap at the opportunity.

3. Competent Water Treatment Limits Litigation Risk

When water treatment systems fail, this can cause the public physical, mental and emotional distress. In today’s litigious society, it is common for affected people to sue over incidents like these. Whether plaintiffs sue companies or individuals, the consequences can be catastrophic for defendants. Although the civil court system does help people achieve justice, it is no secret that awarded damages are sometimes inappropriate. The best way to protect yourself and your company is to keep your water standards high. Visit Global Hydration for additional information.

4. Competent Water Treatment Keeps Bad Publicity At Bay

It isn’t always the operator’s fault when a filtration system fails. Unfortunately, journalists often get involved when water purification systems do not perform as advertised. This can be deeply destructive for any corporate image. To safeguard against bad publicity, go above and beyond in the service of professionalism. In this time of rampant online rumors, some irresponsible journalists make false and misleading claims. While these thoughtless journalists will always be a problem, doing your job competently can help you stay clear of libelous claims.

5. Competent Water Treatment Helps People Feel Responsible

If your job makes you responsible for keeping water supplies clean, doing your job well is bound to give you an innate sense of satisfaction. Whether or not you suffer immediate consequences, cutting corners in your calling may leave you feeling empty inside. We are our own worst critics and when we know we are doing our best, this enables us to be more comfortable in our own skins.

7 Advantages of Trash Compaction Equipment

One of the biggest problems with conventional waste storage is the large amounts of space it demands of any business. Trash compaction equipment will assist you in being able to store the appropriate amount of waste safely, securely and save a ton of money in the process. Below are seven of the best reasons to take a closer look at what this equipment can do for your company.

1. Reduced Cost of Waste Removal

One of the immediate advantages of waste compactors is the cost savings with fewer pickups. Loose waste kept in dumpsters takes up more space and fills the bin faster. Compacting allows you to go longer periods of time between trash hauls.

2. Eliminate Loose Trash

Traditional containment of waste can mean loose items finding their way to your parking lot, piling up against fences, shrubs and can leave a bad impression to patrons and other nearby businesses. Compacting ensures everything is one bundle, compressed and unable to drift away on a breeze.

3. Flexibility in Placement of Equipment

Waste compacting equipment comes in a variety of sizes to suit individual needs. You can adjust the size according to your available space. Vertical compactors allow for the most flexibility. These units can easily be placed inside the business for less obvious waste removal.

4. Fewer Rodents and Bugs

Pests can be a serious problem if your waste contains any sort of food product, such as leftovers from a restaurant. Increased numbers of rodents and cockroaches can become a real health hazard and prove difficult to get under control. Compacting this type of waste will help eliminate pest problems by limiting access to the trash. Learn more information at the Rotobale Compaction – EMD website.

5. Better Organized Trash for Pickup

Storage of waste for pickup is made that much easier using trash compaction equipment. The bundles waste products can be moved to a central area that is out of the way until collection service is needed. It is easily stackable and keeps your business looking organized.

6. Handle More Trash in Less Space

The mere act of compacting waste guarantees that it takes up less space. It is the perfect solution for cardboard, paper, plastic and other recyclables. You can keep recycled items separate from actual trash easier than having a collection of bins.

7. Increase Overall Efficiency

Most vertical compactors can get the job done in roughly 30 seconds. This can save both employee and company time. Increased efficiency is an additional way to save money using compaction equipment.

Investing in waste compactors can be one of the more practical solutions available for better waste management. Versatility in size offers you flexibility in placement, which grants you maximum benefits of waste control.

5 Reasons to Invest in Corner Guards

Corner guards are used in renovations and for a variety of other reasons. You want to make sure that you know why you should spend the money on these guards.

1. Protect Walls

The walls should be protected. Over and over again, people are going to walk into the corners, bang things into them, and more. Over time, it’s going to cause the walls to look less than perfect. You might find that you have to re-do the corners from time to time. This will take time and money to do, which is something you should look to avoid by protecting walls.

2. Improve the Aesthetic

You might be surprised by how great a home or business can look when you add corner guards. Whether you make them with aluminum, stainless steel, or even another material, you control the final look. There are even guards in colors, allowing you to match the color of the walls. It will make it easier for you to get a highly desirable look within the building.

3. Avoid Repainting

Repainting the walls is a time-consuming task. You might find that you’re constantly painting the corners because the look isn’t what you wanted. Someone knocks into the corner and suddenly, there is a chip there. Since you want the building to look its best, you can install the guards.

4. Prevent Constant Scraping

Scraping will be inevitable, no matter how careful people might be. You might notice that someone hits the corner as they’re taking the corner too tight. You might also notice someone scrape a cart or other object by the corner because they don’t have enough clearance. Whatever it might be, you need to be sure you have a barrier in place to prevent the scraping that will otherwise take place regularly.

5. Add a Buffer

It’s also a great idea to have a buffer when you’re doing any kind of moving. Whether you have equipment turning around the corners, furniture, or something else, you can protect the corners within your residence or commercial business. It’s better if people bang into the corner guards than into the actual corners as it will offer the necessary added layer of protection.

Making an investment in corner guards has plenty of benefits. They are found in many materials, allowing you to enhance the look of your home or business while protecting an area that is abused repeatedly.  Find more information and learn from the resources available on the Boss Corner Guards website.

How Stretch Films Can Advance Your Business

1. The Value Of High-Quality Stretch Film

Stretch films are packaging materials that are vital for a wide variety of businesses. Typically, you use stretch film to keep stacked boxes in place on a pallet. However, this type of film is used even when pallets are not available. Throughout the Canadian economy, companies that pack and ship materials employ thousands of workers. Many of these companies are medium and small businesses, which contribute greatly to the North American economy as a whole. Excellent packaging contributes to greater customer loyalty. When packages are not properly secured before they are shipped, customers may well receive damaged products. Using the right stretch film can help you avoid controversial and compromising situations situations.

2. Films And Film Dispensers For All Occasions

Different situations call for the use of different packing supplies. If your business involves sending large numbers of pallets on a daily basis, you should certainly consider investing in a stretch film dispenser. If this is the route you do take, make sure the dispenser you purchase has the right max film width settings to meet your expectations. Furthermore, you should only purchase devices like these from reputable retailers that stand by their products. Depending on the cost of the device in question, you may want to consider investing in an extended warranty to guarantee your investment. Fortunately, most of the manufacturers that make film dispensers exemplify trustworthiness and professionalism. These companies employ some of the most prestigious North American engineers and designers working today. The best film dispensers are marvels of modern engineering.

3. Further Tips To Help You Prosper

When you are purchasing packaging supplies, you’ll have to balance your needs with budgetary considerations. If in doubt, it is generally a good idea to err on the side of quality supplies. As we’ve noted, even one controversial shipment can lead to loss of face and professional embarrassment. Over the course of the next decade, it is highly possible that manufacturers will invent new forms of packing film that are even more useful and reliable than anything currently on the market. By keeping up with innovations in this area, you can ensure that your business can remain competitive.

Generally, packing film is made from an advanced type of polyethylene called LLDPE. This material is made by ethylene with butane or hexene. In some cases, octene is used as well. Before any packing film is released to the market for sale, it must pass muster in several key areas. These include tear resistance, cling, clearness and overall tensile strength. All decent manufacturers conduct preliminary testing with thoughtfulness and care. Most commentators agree that is extremely important for packing film to be fully puncture resistant. Visit Malpack Ltd if you are interested in learning more information.