Improve Your Packaging With Corrugated Cardboard

Protect your valuable belongings with high-quality corrugated packaging. The right-sized corrugated boxes can protect your items during transit. Learn why the packaging companies trust in this corrugated material.

Bumps, Dents & Drops

In 1856, the English created the first corrugated paper to be used as lining for tall hats. Corrugated boxes are made of fluted sheets of cardboard that create a layer of air between them. This affordable paperboard is able to cushion small amounts of pressure or force.

Whether you like it or not, moving parcels any distance can lead to bumps, dents and even drops. Other heavier boxes could easily damaged your fine porcelain, jewelry or electronics enclosed inside. Find the right-sized corrugated containers to protect your valuables while moving.

Why Corrugated Packaging?

During an important move, you might want to purchase cheap boxing materials. You don’t know what cuts, slices or dents could damage your valuable property. You also might want a box that can be stacked easily.

Metal, wood and plastic boxes might be a bit too rigid for some purposes. They actually might end up damaging your moving vehicle or other containers. Here are some of the attributes of corrugated packaging:

– Bending, Impact & Tear Resistance
– Burst Strength
– Crush Test
– Shock Absorption

The corrugated material is actually quite strong and does not tear easily. The outer cardboard structure will tend to form around the interior contents, creating a solid barrier against impact. Cardboard containers should not be stacked too high. How high you can stack them, depends on the weight of the contents.

Corrugated boxes have ideal cushioning attributes, which allow them to handle the jostling of trucks driving down the road or cargo airplanes flying through the air. This shock absorption can prevent delicate edges from breaking or being scratched.

Place your goods in high-quality corrugated boxes to prevent them from being damaged in transit. This is a vital element of quality control. Demonstrate your commitment to selling superior products, using first-class packaging.

Pop Displays

If you need to arrange merchandise in your store in a simple, affordable fashion, then pop displays are ideal. The cardboard material is light and easy to transport. It is also relatively easy to assemble. You just place the tabs in the slots and go.

The solid base allows you to display your pamphlets, beverages, candy bars, you name it. This is an effective display that can be used for a mobile vendor. You might want pop displays for local festivals, concerts, conferences or celebrations.

Corrugated products are more sturdy then simple paper cardboard. Create solid structures for your valuables with corrugated materials. Display your goods using strong pop displays.