Prevent Dangerous Leaks With Leak Detection Equipment

Creating a healthy, safe and productive workplace requires you to ensure that there are no leaks from your man-made equipment or Mother Nature. Leaks can involve both safe and toxic chemicals from the air, soil, water or equipment. Purchase high-quality leak detection equipment to gain peace of mind.

Types of Leaks
Man-made leaks may involve water, gasoline, air, carbon monoxide or even grain from a large bin. Natural leaks could involve water, radon and methane. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) could react with other chemicals on site.

Canary in the Coal Mine
Before leak detection technology had been fully developed, the coal mining industry would use sensitive canaries to identify potential problems. Unwittingly, you might be putting your workers at risk, if you are not using proper leak detection equipment. Employee hacking coughs, runny noses and watery eyes might be warning signs.

One problem is that human sensitivities vary tremendously. An employee complaint may be the result of bad allergies. By the time, your entire workforce is complaining about foul fumes, it might be too late.

A prime example is leaking water causing mold growth. Mold grows quickly and by the time it effects employee health, your carpet, furniture and air quality could be ruined. Leak detection equipment is the pro-active solution.

Problems Caused by Leaks
Small leaks can become serious dangers if allowed to fester. There is a domino effect when organizations fail to adequately address potential problems. Here are some of the serious problems that could result from leaks:

-Reduced industrial productivity
-Slipping hazards
-Serous accidents
-Damaged human health

Lost air pressure would reduce the effectiveness of your pneumatic equipment. Gasoline spills waste a valuable resource and could be set on fire with sparks from metal vehicles rubbing against the warehouse floor.

Forklifts could slip on oil spills leading to serious accidents. Employees might develop upper respiratory symptoms.

What is the Leak Source?
Industrial equipment, pipelines, hoses or fans might be broken, busted or functioning improperly. You might have a leaky roof or concrete foundation. The leak detection equipment can identify an issue before it becomes a major problem.

This detection will save the company money (when the leak is a vital gas or liquid). Managers can develop a coherent plan to handle the problem before it becomes a crisis. Order the replacement part and send the mechanics to fix the issue. Extra space or assembly lines can be used to keep production going elsewhere, while the leak source is repaired.

It is wise to be pro-active before your entire industrial manufacturing process is disrupted. Prevent workplace accidents. Be responsible in protecting your employees, equipment and business. Modern leak- detecting machines can identify potential problems before they become disasters.