Nowadays, sheet metal fabrication has taken roofing to another standard. The typical asphalt shingles have been replaced by metal shingles which are more durable. The latter comes in different types of material depending on your budget and preference. One of the best metal roofs is that made of steel shingles because they are strong and not very heavy.

The Steps of Installing Steel Shingles

  • Gather the Necessary Materials and Equipment

Ensure that you have the correct number of tiles required for the roofing. The number can be derived at by dividing the area of the roof with the area of one tile (100cm. You should also have a well aerated synthetic membrane that will be used as roof underlayment. Galvanized nails are very necessary for supporting the roof because they don’t corrode. You will also need equipment such as a hammer, ladder, and saw, among others.

  • Prepare a Flat Surface Where the Tiles Will Lie

The surface should not have large spaces between it so that the stability of the roof will not be compromised. The cover can be made of plywood or wooden boards. The surface should be well leveled to enable the tiles to interlock correctly.

  • Put an Underlayment (A Synthetic Material)

This will allow the circulation of air in and out of the roof. Lay an underlayment at the lower edge of the roof that will protect the roof from ice and water leakages. Start spreading the underlayment from the bottom edge of the roof and support it from its start with galvanized nails. The nails should be 8-inch apart. Spread the next row in an overlapping manner with the previous row by six inches.

  • Install the Tiles

Start installing the tiles along the lower edge of the roof. Then put shingles on the sides of the roof. Align and nail the tiles with the galvanized capped nails in overlapping rows until the entire roof is covered. Make sure that the tiles overlap by six inches in consecutive rows from the bottom of the roof.

  • Apply Impervious Material between Tile Joints

The material helps to prevent water leakage into the roof. The process is referred to as flashing and it should be done on the top, below and on the sides of the tiles. Also, flush around vents and pipes.

  • Instal Ridge Caps

Finally, you need to give your roof a beautiful finish by installing ridge cap tiles that cover the joints where the planes of the roof meet.

You see how uncomplicated it is to install steel shingles? Get a long-lasting roof that you can install at a very low or no labor cost. Change your roof or construct your new house using metal shingles and say goodbye to roof leakages.The Heather & Little Limited website is a useful resource if you would like to learn more information.