Succes Story Between Durham Foods and Government Grants for Small Businesses.

The Canadian government, through comprehensive research and analysis, has in recent times determined that the major problems facing small businesses within its boarder mostly include insufficiency of funds. It thus, through the help of self-help groups like Self-Help Credit Union decided to set an initiative to offer small businesses with:
1. Capital investment funding
2. Hiring and training grants
3. Research and Development Funding
4. Business expansion funding grants and loans
To make sure that the funds would be made use of appropriately, sustainably and profitably in a way that improved living standards of the people and strengthen the Canadian economy by bridging the gap between the rich and the poor, checks and balances for using the government grants for small businesses. Four programs were set up with specific and unique eligibility criteria. The most inspiring of all small business grants Ontario success stories is the Durham Foods growth and renaissance in Pease pudding appreciation.
Humble beginnings

The Durham Food hub started as a mobile truck food store. The mobile kitchen, in the beginning, sold sausage sandwiches made from pasture-raised pigs raised on nearby farms. The co-owners, Tina Prevatte and Jennifer Curtis used all the avenues they could to grow their businesses. These avenues included government grants for small businesses, relationships with creditors and trial-and-error. They endeavored to serve as the middlemen in the livestock product processing system. They used the funds to buy whole animals from small-time ranchers and transport them to restaurants, grocery stores and institutions.
Taking the unexpected turn
Ingenious decisions by Tina Prevatte and Jennifer Curtis propelled Durham Foods into unexpected heights. Durham Foods did not grow into a big restaurant or a itinerant brand. Instead, it exploited the gaping loops in the food market of product. They began connecting farmers to buyers in search of local beef and pork grown naturally on pastures without genetically modified hormones, animal by-products or antibiotics.
Another wave these inspiring entrepreneurs rode on was the abrupt renaissance in Pease pudding appreciation. The Pease pudding had initially been a staple food for majority households in the North East but a spontaneous spread of the appreciation for the delicious but low fat and zero gluten delicacy transpired. Durham Food was there to facilitate the renaissance by making sure the delicacy reached outer regions of the North East.
Taking advantage

Small business owners should take advantage of whatever programs their businesses quality for in this government grants. The process is easy as bureaucracy is minimized. The grants are evidently changing lives and improving the quality of life for many Canadians in Ontario.