The Benefits Of A Proper Work Environment

It’s been a well known fact for a long time that a very comfortable work environment improves the performance of employees and therefore the profits of most any business. The majority of scientific studies performed on this subject have determined that there are several, proven needs and factors that employees working in office space must have on a daily basis to be as productive and successful as they can possibly be.


With inadequate and improper lighting, it makes it much harder for any employee working in a commercial office space environment to be a productive and prolific worker. Poor lighting inside office space makes workers strain their eyes, can produce severe headaches, and will definitely decrease cognitive functioning and performance due to the negative effects it produces in the brain’s visual cortex.


If an office space environment is either too hot or too cold, these conditions will dramatically affect an employee’s ability to be productive no matter what type of commercial office work he’s performing. If the work space is not at proper room temperature based on the outside weather conditions, workers will shiver or sweat and constantly be uncomfortable and be complaining about why the temperature is either too cold or too hot. These conditions will definitely take their minds off their required tasks and adversely affect their performance levels.


It’s also been proven in numerous occupational studies that if an employee has a desk job in a work environment that his production output will increase if he’s enclosed in his own office or desk cubicle rather than being way out all open in the office spread around all over without any doors or walls to provide him with that sense of personal space and privacy that will allow him to concentrate on his tasks. This attempt to create privacy for each worker is much more difficult in some environments such as warehouses or factories, so work performance can definitely suffer even more in these locations.

Proper Equipment

Another way to create a superb work environment is to ensure that every worker is supplied with perfectly functioning equipment such as computers, telephones, fax machines, or any other necessary tool or piece of equipment that a office work environment requires for employees to function at their best.

Interpersonal Compatibility

Of all the factors that make an enjoyable commercial working environment, perhaps the most important to achieve the ultimate levels of productivity and success is the question concerning whether the regular employees are compatible with each other personality-wise. One of the most difficult tasks is spending an eight hour shift right alongside a coworker or colleague who simply refuses to be a nice person. Such a person often continually comes across as mean, cruel, not helpful, and not a team player. Sometimes, such an individual won’t even make eye contact or even verbally answer questions or nod his head when instructed to perform a certain task. In some commercial work environments, such incompatibility can become so unbearable to others that they’ll go so far as to literally quit their jobs over this single issue. So worker compatibility is imperative for a successful occupational environment.